Gauthus Longshaft

Elf Warpriest of Corellon


Gauthus Longshaft is an elven warpriest of Corellon who assisted the Agents of Ioun with the cleansing of the Ioun Temple Outpost ruins. He was never entirely forthcoming about how he learned of their mission or why he was assigned to assist. He is returned to his tribe, the Woodsinger Elves, while comatose and unable to be revived after completion of that quest.

Gauthus later serves as envoy of the Woodsinger elves, leading the elven forces in the liberation of Harkenwold from the clutches of the Circle of Iron.

After the battle, Gauthus tutors Agarl’Ukak in the ways of the forest while assisting the dragonborn paladin in the search for his missing wife. During their time together, Gauthus attempts to temper the paladin’s righteous rage. Gauthus is later killed in the battle against the fire cultists during the failed rescue attempt of Vali’Ruml. His body is unable to be recovered, as it is consumed and incinerated in the maw of an elemental Blazewyrm.


Gauthus Longshaft

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