Husband of Vali'Ruml


Agarl’Ukak is Vali’Ruml’s husband. He too has been missing. The Agents of Ioun recently learned that the Cult of the Fire Lord has taken the two hostage, but they do not know where they are being held.

The Agents of Ioun discover Agarl’Ukak imprisoned in the dungeons of the Iron Keep and rescue him along with Baron Stockmer. Apparently, he had been searching for his missing wife and was captured by Circle of Iron raiders. After his liberation, Agarl was very disappointed in his brother-in-law’s failure to discover Vali’Ruml’s whereabouts in his absence.

Agarl eventually contacts Rhan and the Agents of Ioun when his investigation of his missing wife reaches an impasse and he reluctantly asks for Rhan’s assistance. The group discovers the hidden temple of the fire cult that kidnapped Vali’Ruml, but are unable to rescue her from her captors. They narrowly defeat the cultists, but not before an elemental Blazewyrm, presumably prophesied to herald the emergence of the “Fire Lord”, is summoned from the Elemental Chaos. After the battle, Agarl disappears with his infant son, hatched from the egg forcibly removed from Vali during the completion of the fire cult’s ritual.

Some of the party are concerned that the infant dragonborn is destined to become the Firebringer of the fire cult’s prophesy.



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