Agents of Ioun

The Firebringer Erupts

Session 23

  • After completion of the Fire Cult’s ritual, a Blazwyrm emerges from the pool of swirling elemental energies and attacks the party, engulfing them within its living fire. Before it is defeated, the Agents of Ioun suffer their first loss — the elven warpriest of Corellon and envoy from the Woodsinger Elves, Gauthus Longshaft is killed and consumed by the creature during the battle.
  • When the elemental dragon is destroyed, its arcane essence is transferred to the unhatched dragonborn egg, causing it to hatch. The party then proceeds to discuss the fate of the dragonborn infant, much to the dismay of its father, Agarl’Ukak. Although the dragonborn are united in wishing to protect and raise the child, both Vest and Hegh Dah would prefer to destroy the potential Firebringer in order to prevent the Fire Cult’s prophesy from being fulfilled. Only after consulting with Loremaster Arthurius, who compares the innocent dragonborn infant with a certain tiefling child that he raised despite her infernal heritage did the two relent and hand the child over to its father.
  • The party spend the night in the caverns only to find an unconscious Hegh Dah and the dragonborn paladin absent when they awaken. Both Hegh and Rhan note worsening of their Mummy Rot symptoms as well. Luckilly, among the assorted items, ritual components and torture journals, the heroes discover a small amount of the crucial herbs needed to eradicate the Mummy Rot disease.
  • The Agents of Ioun return to Fallcrest and the safety of the Nentir Inn, shocking the town guards by their haggard appearance. Rhan and Hegh proceed to the local temple for healing, while Vesta retreats to the comforts of a hot back. Sealannan, immmaculate as always, sits at the bar and begins jotting down notes of their most recent adventure.
  • When the party gathers that evening, they find Sealannan at a table talking up a female goliath and male dwarf, both decked out in gleaming full plate armor. “Come meet my new friends,” he calls to the always suspicious Vesta.


Hot back? // Sad to see how fire oriented the party is/was. A nice “cone of cold” would have been “cool”. Poor Gauthus.

The Firebringer Erupts

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