Agents of Ioun

The Fate of Vali'Ruml

Session 22

  • The heroes awaken in the Nentir Inn after their adventures in the Underdark. Hegh Dah and Rhan’Ruml have developed a nasty hacking cough; the skin surrounding their wounds is dessicated and has begun flaking off. Rhan has even lost some scales.
  • A red-breasted robin delivers a message from Agarl’Ukak, Rhan’s brother-in-law, requesting that the Agents of Ioun assist in the search for his missing wife.
  • The Agents of Ioun stop at the temple in Fallcrest to see the healer who diagnosed Hegh and Rhan with Mummy Rot. Unfortunately some of the components needed to remove the affliction are scarce and unavailable. The party is given instructions on where they can be obtained in the HArken Forest.
  • The heroes are met at the edge of Harken Forest by Agarl’Ukak and Gauthus Longshaft, the elven warpriest who has been assisting in the search for Vali’Ruml. The party is amazed by the paladin’s forestry skills acquired under Gauthus’ tutelege.
  • The Agents of Ioun are led to a small clearing where they find a ruined tower overgrown with brush. The paladin describes how a number of orange robed humans were seen entering the ruins and disappearing into a burst of flames. Gauthus and Agarl were unable to find any evidence of the cultists despite an extensive search. Only then, did Agarl relent and agree to request assistance from Rhan.
  • During the party’s search of the tower ruins, Rhan inadvertently summons the guardian fire demon who challenges him. When Rhan is unable to understand the guardian, it attacks along with various fire and magma elementals. Only after the guardian is defeated and the Agents of Ioun disable the arcane wards of the ring of fire do they gain access to the underground Temple.
  • The heroes descend down a staircase into underground caverns and discover the Cult of the Fire Lord concluding a ritual – the leader holding aloft an unhatched dragoborn egg. In the center of the cavern is a swirling pool of elemental energies. Rhan attempts to rescue a chained and bleeding Vali’Ruml who unfortunately dies during the combat against the Fire Cultists. When Vesta attempted to tend to the body, it immolated and crumbled to ash.
  • The party discovers the cult leader’s journal which describes the arduous torture that Vali’Ruml suffered over the past three weeks to prepare for the summoning of the Firebringer. They also discovered a stash of assorted magical items. Rhan and Agarl vent their frustrations by butchering the remaind of the fallen cultists.
  • Only too late do they notice the growing elemental energies of the swirling pool which surge outwards, circle the cavern and coalesce into the form of a large dragon comprised entirely of flame. The Blazewyrm roars and explodes into a ball of fire, engulfing the party.



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