Welcome to the Nentir Vale

The lands have fallen into a dark age following the collapse and fall of the Empire. Only the most tenuous bonds of civilization remain between the settlments. Much of civilization’s collected lore has been lost as the demands of survival outweigh more intellectual pursuits. Monsters roaming the borderlands edge ever closer and the frontiers become ever more dangerous. The shadow of impending invasion and conquest looms over the land. The guardians of civilization have their hands full keeping the monsters at-bay.

The followers of Ioun (goddess of knowledge, skill and prophesy), true to their convictions, believe that the loss of civilization’s culture and lore is deplorable, and measures need to be taken to prevent further descent into chaos. In prior ages, Collectors and Excavators scoured the landscape in service of Ioun’s Temple. Now, the much diminished temple barely has a small shrine in most settlements. In Winterhaven, the Loremaster Arthurius assembles a group of the faithful and tasks them with their deity’s basic command: Accumulate, preserve, and distribute knowledge in all forms.

They are: Agents of Ioun

Agents of Ioun

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