Theryassa's Letter


With the loss of the Tome of Portals, the Dread Lord’s anger knows no bounds. Until it can be recovered, our plans for the Nentir Vale must now include using the lesser races to our advantage. If Harkenwald is any indication, Fallcrest should easilly follow.

Travel north to the Ogrefist hills and broker an alliance between the Gloomwrought goblin tribe an the Hammerfist Orcs. The orcs will surely jump at the opportunity to sack Fallcrest after being driven out years ago. The goblins will simply enjoy the opportunity for mayhem.

Await the signal from Fallcrest before initiating hostilities. Until then, utilize the goblins to harrass trade routes and travellers. Scout the defenses of the city as well as Restwell Keep.

The Circle will be complete and the Dread Lord’s armies will soon march across this land.

- Tigersoul

Theryassa's Letter

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