Agents of Ioun

The Story Thus Far
Quickie summary of the first few sessions

Session 1:

  • Party survives Gauntlet of Traps to narrowly thwart a summoning ritual which would open a portal to [unknown] and unleash an army on this plane.
  • Party offered power/wealth/fame by [unknown], the mysterious entity leading the invasion army. They said “no” much to the entity’s displeasure
  • Party recovers Tome of Portals, a lost book of knowledge

Session 2:

  • Party is ambushed by undead led by Vecna cultist looking for Tome of Portals – Rhan’Ruml arrives just in time to save the party
  • Rhan was delayed because he was waiting for sister Vali’Ruml who missed an appointment with him
  • Party discovers giant ant colony while travelling back to Ioun Temple
  • Party reports to Loremaster Arthurius and given quest to explore Chaos Scar and reestablish Ioun Temple Outpost

Session 3:

  • Party takes out giant ant colony, destroying queen and her eggs in the process
  • Party finds big pile of loot collected by worker ants, including various magical items and Vali’s Necklace

Session 4-5: (Tim Session)

  • Party ambushed by kobolds – clear out nearby caves filled with classic 1st Edition monsters
  • Party discovers hidden tomb of Vecna priest, opens a sealed bone scroll case which unleashes unknown horrors yet to be determined
  • Vestahad bad dream during an extended rest
  • Party starts journey from Winterhaven to Fallcrest – meets Brother Desmond prior to departure
  • Party gets to know each other a little better on the road

Session 6:

  • Party ambushed by bandits on road to Fallcrest, capture bandits and bring them to justice in Fallcrest courts
  • Party seeks lodging at Nentir Inn
    – Meets Gauthus Longshaft, elven warpriest of Corellon, who knows a little too much about the party’s quest for comfort
    – Meets half-elven proprietor of Nentir Inn Erandil Zemoar
    – Meets Hammerfast dwarves and offered employment as caravan guard
    – Meets tiefling gambler Serim Selduzar
  • Party searches for rumors in Fallcrest
    – Learns of goblin raiding parties harrassing caravans
    – Learns of ruins in nearby forest from ranger
    – Learns that Vali has not been seen by Ioun Temple cleric
  • Party investigates Vali’s Flower Shop – ransacked by looters
    – Discovers pin of stylized flame motif
    – Learns from neighbors that Vali and husband have not been seen for almost 2 weeks – no known plans for travel
    – Consults merchant, jeweler, Ioun cleric and Moradin cleric in attempt to identify flame symbol
    – Flame pin is not magical in nature, but magic was utilized in its creation

Session 7 (My lucky number):

  • Party leaves Fallcrest and attempts to follow the ranger’s directions to the ruins in the Cloak Wood
    – Party has a difficult time navigating throught the thick woods
    – Party finds “battle damaged” horse but no rider to be found
    – Party follows horse’s trail of blood
    – The not-so-quiet party is ambushed by goblin raiders led by Boontah, based in old crumbled ruins, accompanied by a human female soldier dressed in black with a silver ring-shaped insignia. All become crispy remnants of their former selves.
  • Party discovers a letter to Theryassa, detailing “the Circle’s” plans to destabilized the Nentir Vale and conquer the settlements of Fallcrest & Restwell Keep. Apparently Harkenwold has already fallen. Also, the “Dread Lord” is upset at the loss of the Tome of Portals
  • Party is discovered by the dwarven sentinel Frugold Runehouseand this animal companion, the aptly named black bear Buttercup
  • Party eventually finds the temple – now a ruined temple repurposed by the cult of Vecna
    – Party finds the diary of the Ioun cleric, as well as a hidden stash of potions and holy water
    – Party destroys the statue of Vecna and rededicates the temple’s altar to Ioun (Ioun smiles)
    – Party is attacked by the undead remains of the Vecna cleric and a hapless group of unfortunate adventurers
    – Party discovers a black gem which brightly glows purple, believed to be the source of the undead reanimation
  • The dwarf interrupts the party’s investigations to alert them of something very bad happening outside. He is visibly shaken.

Session 8:

  • The Party returns upstairs to find a zombie horde shambling towards to ruined temple from all sides. With no escape in sight, the party decides to fortify the structure as best possible.
  • The Party fights off wave after wave of zombies until morning
    – They discover that the zombies are drawn to the mysterious purple-glowing gem Vesta carrys
    – They are forced to kill the undead versions of prior foes: Boontah and Theryassa
    – They are forced to kill the undead version of their fomer comrade: Doriath
  • At daybreak, the undead horde returns to its former dead status and the ruined temple is now surrounded by thousands of decomposing bodies

Session 9: (Tim and Mack Combined Session)

  • The Party utilizes arcane and religious rituals to destroy the mysterious gem
  • The Party digs their way out of the ruined Temple and returns to Fallcrest
  • The body of Doriath is brought to the Temple of Erathis/Ioun/Moradin in the hopes of resurrection
  • Vesta has another dream
  • The Party spends some time in Fallcrest, before being summoned back to the ruined Ioun Temple. On the way there, the Party becomes lost and goes “down the rabbit hole”.
    – They meet a giant caterpillar smoking a hookah, and kill it
    – They participate in a lifesize game of Chess
Through the Looking Glass

Session 10

  • The party concludes their psychadelic adventure
    – Vesta is falsely accused of stealing the Tarts and the party defends her in court
    – Vesta is found guilty and sentenced to execution. The party defends her from a giant ogre executioner and a mass of face cards
    – The party excapes and finds Paul McCartney’s cottage in the woods. There, they find some magical items: a +2 Dancing Longsword, a Squirrel-flute, and a container of lubrication which Rhan used to augment his scimitar.
    – The party escapes through the mirror and discovers a room of portals, each of which leads to an alternate Fallcrest from the one they originally left. A demon unsuccessfully attempted to prevent their return.
  • The Agents of Ioun awoke in the healers ward in the Fallcrest Temple after spending over a week there in a catatonic state, unable to be aroused by the temple healers.
    – They learn that Doriath was successfully raised, and has returned to Winterhaven to report to Loremaster Arthurius
    – They utilize the temple’s library to research the demon and the multiverse
    – They meet a drow Avenger of Ioun Hegh Dah, sent by the Loremaster to assist the party
  • On the way to the Nentir Inn, the party discovers the remains of a burned out building. They learn from the city guards that this is not the first fire in the town, but before they can learn more, they hear an alarm bell in the distance.
Fallcrest Burns

Session 11

  • The party follows the town guard to the chaotic scene of a burning building and an unruly crowd watching. They attempt to assist with putting out the fire, but it rages out of control through the night and by morning a city block is lost.
    – The party gains a level on imfamy as a result, with many townspeople blaming them for getting in the way of local authorities who could have handled the situation, or for setting the fire themselves.
  • They return to the Nentir Inn to rest and recuperate. When they awaken, they receive a summons to appear before Lord Warden Marcklehay , the soverign of Fallcrest.
    – The Agents of Ioun are questioned about their involvement in the previous day’s events, and Marcklehay is appreciative of their attempt to assist
    – The party tells of their mission to re-establish the Ioun Temple Outpost
    – The party tells of their investigation into the disappearance of Vali’Ruml. Marshal Willice Swordhand, captain of the town guard, is shocked to hear that the party discovered the stylized flame pin in Vali’Ruml’s flower shop. They had assumed that the dragonborn pair had moved and the case was closed. Lord Warden Marcklehay ordered the case reopened and promised to assist in locating Rhan’Ruml’s sister.
    – Marcklehay asks for the party’s assistance in contacting Baron Stockmer in Harkenwald. The party know about the fall of Harkenwald from Theryassa’s Letter but decide to say nothing at this time. Sealannan disapproves.
  • While returning to the Nentir Inn, Vesta notices a hand drawn flame symbol on a storefront as they pass. They hear noise coming from inside the building and investigate. They find and defeat cultists and fire elementals setting fire to the store. The party captures two of the cultists and rescue the family trapped upstairs. They then assist the town guard in putting out the burning building, this time successfully.
    – Although one cultist successfully frees himself and self-imolates, they party question the remaining cultist.
    – “The Firebinger comes and the Fire Lord will consume all!”
    – The party learn that Vali’Ruml and her husband Agarl’Ukak are held by the cult of the Fire Lord.
    – They also learn that Vali’Ruml has some part to play in bringing about the Firebringer
  • As they town guard take the raving cultist into custody, the party is left to decide their next move.
Frogmen of the Toadwallow Marsh
Session 12
  • The Agents of Ioun spend the night at the Nentir Inn before setting off east toward Harkenwald the next morning. After travelling down the King’s road through Harken Forest, they come across a group of brigands threatening to burn a farmhouse on one of the steadings of Harkenwald. The party defeats the bandits and capture the one attempting to escape. Ilyanna, the matron of the farm, identified the brigands as members of the Circle of Iron, a mercenary group which have imprisoned Lord Stockmer and terrorize the population on Harkenwald. She directs them to talk with a nearby druid Reithann, as well as the stablemaster Dar Gremath in Albridge, who are organizing a resistance.
  • The party decides to talk with the elderly druid Reithann and her apprentices. She welcomes them into her home and has a meal prepared for them. She describes the situation in Harkenwald, and how the Cirlcle of Iron have recruited the bullywug tribe to harrass the western villages. As a result, the inhabitants of Harkenwald cannot unite against against the Circle with their attention divided such. The Agents of Ioun decide to eliminate the bullywug threat before meeting with resistance leaders.
  • The party travels west along the White River trail, following the druid’s directions toward the Toadwallow Marsh. There, they defeat the bullywug tribe and their chieftain in their cave.
Joining the Resistance
Session 13
  • The heroes’ rest is interrupted by the return of a Bullywug raiding party with a hogtied human child in tow. A clever impersonation of a croaking bullywug allows the Agents of Ioun to ambush the frogmen.
  • After spending the night camping in the bullywug’s cave, the party travels to the village of Tor’s Hold to return the boy Heren to a grateful community. The party meets Bran Torsson, the village elder who thanks them for ridding the townsfolk of the bullywug threat. The farmers of Tor’s Hold pledge their swords to Dar Gremath’s resistance.
  • That night, Vesta awakens to find Sealannan “borrowing” her magic mirror in the middle of the night. Sealannan tells her that he felt duty bound to keep the Loremaster informed of the group’s progress, and chastised Vesta for not doing so herself earlier.
  • The next day, the Agents of Ioun follow the path along the White River eastward towards Albridge, where the Circle of Iron have a much stronger presence. Although advised by Bran Torsson of the virtues of secrecy by which the resistance owes its survival, the Agents of Ioun start a bar brawl with some Circle of Iron soldiers.
  • While questioning the last remaining Circle of Iron survivor, the Agents of Ioun are confronted by Dar Gremath, who is upset that they have brough open violence into town and placing the resistance in danger. He advises against a direct assault on Iron Keep – instead suggesting drawing out the invaders by harrassing their patrols and caravans with guerella tactics. He is very worried that the resistance forces are spread thin among the outlying villages, outnumbered and ill equiped, however, enlisting the help of the otherwise reclusive Woodsinger elves may help turn the tide.
  • The party travels south, over the White River, past the burned out village of Marl, toward the Harken Forest, and the last known location of the Woodsinger elves.
Preparations for War
Session 14 (with guest player)
  • The Agents of Ioun are met at the border of Harken Forest by elven hunters, who escort the heroes to the Woodsinger encampment. There they meet Eryiel, the elven clan leader who they successfully persuade to send aid to the Harkenwold resistance.
  • The heroes sneak back into Albridge and meet with resistance leader Dar Gremath who alerts them to recent Circle of Iron troop movements. Apparently, the patrols are being recalled which leads Dar Gremath to believe that they are amassing an army to march against Albridge. He sends a young lookout to lead the party to set an ambush against Circle of Iron caravans.
  • While moving into position, they Agents of Ioun discover a patrol searching for them. They successfully defeat the Circle of Iron soldiers, along with a giant drake.
  • After spending the night in an abandoned farmhouse (where Vesta has a third dream, this time where she’s a small child), the party is contacted by a young halfling rider who relays a call to arms from Dar Gremath. They return to Albridge where they find the town strangely devoid of Circle of Iron soldiers. They meet with resistance leaders. From all the Harkenwold villages, including their former comrade Gauthus Longshaft representing the Woodsinger elves.
  • Once plans are made, preparations for battle begin. The heroes assist in the preparations based on their individual strengths; and Sealannan holds a pep-rally that evening to motivate the troops.
  • The next day, Nazin Redthorne’s Circle of Iron march against the Harkenwols resistance and the Battle of Albridge is joined. The Agents of Ioun go on the offensive, taking out a squad of soldiers. But the battle is far from over…
Battle is Joined!
Session 15 (new player joints the group)
  • After the initial assault, the heroes are alerted to an enemy advance against Dar Gremath’s banner and are called upon to assist. The ensuing skirmish is harrowing, with many of Ioun’s followers bloodied as a result, but the party triumphs in the end.
  • The Agents of Ioun take a quick breather, but are unable to fully recover from their wounds before being challenged directly by Nazin Redthorne himself. The party quickly overpowers the Circle of Iron leader, who barely gets away on horseback. Seeing their leader flee from battle, the Circle of Iron raiders fall into chaos and retreat. The Battle of Albridge is a stunning victory for the Harkenwold rebellion.
  • The heroes return to the Dar Gremath’s command tent to meet with the rebel leadership to plan their next move. Although Nazin Redthorne’s forces were defeated, Harken Keep still remains in the possession of the Circle of Iron, and Baron Stockmer remains in its dungeon… if he’s even still alive at all.
Vesta Has Daddy Issues
Session 16
  • The Harkenwold resistance makes plans to infiltrate the Iron Keep, led by the Agents of Ioun. Using the available resources, the heroes hide Hegh Dah in a cart filled with the bodies of falled Circle of Iron raiders, along with some kegs of ale. Rhan’Ruml and Ted dress in the Circle of Iron tunics that had been recovered and repaired after the earlier bar brawl. Finally, Vesta and Sealannan are disguised as prostitutes.
  • The Agents of Ioun approach the castle gates and are confronted by the gatemaster, a tiefling named Sturmik. To explain their presence, Rhan weaves a tale that would make Sealannan proud. Despite its convoluted nature, Sturmik is entranced by the idea or whores and booze (especially after the recent Circle or Iron defeat) and opens the gate!
  • The heroes deliver the barrels of ale to the castle’s kitchens, and proceed to the chapel to dispose of the bodies. The chapel has been repurposed by a cleric of Asmodeus and his infernal servants, who quickly see through the ruse. A fight breaks out, but pauses after the cleric realizes who he is fighting. Proclaiming himself to be Dorian Kahlir, the tiefling cleric is revealed to Vesta’s long-lost father and a vampire!
  • The family reunion raises more questions than it answers, and the two tieflings arrive at an impasse – Dorian cannot let the heroes disrupt the Circle of Iron’s (and House Kahlir’s) plans for Harkenwold. Despite being offered her freedom to walk away, Vesta refuses. The melee continues and Dorian barely escapes, turning into a mist to do so.
  • Their cover blown, the heroes take the fight to the main tower and defeat the dragonborn soldiers guarding the drawbridge. Now the heroes must free Baron Stockmer and defeat Nazin Redthorn before more guards arrive.
Harkenwold is liberated!
Session 17
  • The heroes continue upstairs and encounter Redthorne’s guards outside the master chambers. The double doors fly open, revealing Nazin Redthorne himself, and the heroes find themselves fighting for their lives. The ensuing battle is harried and the heroes narrowly defeat Redthorne and his men.
  • Afterwards, the Agents of Ioun thoroughly examine the master chambers, including the small armory/treasury. They discover a jeweled scabbard, a large magical glaive and a magnificently crafted set of full plate armor emblazoned with the holy symbols of Bahamut the Platinum Dragon.
  • The heroes take too long loooting the treasury and reinforcements arrive. Although they are quickly dispatched, Theodorael is gravely injured, everyone realizes that they must escape the Iron Keep soon before they are killed.
  • The Agents of Ioun descend the stairs to the first level of the castle and encounter the keep’s servants in the kitchens. They are directed to the dungeons where the discover a gaunt and haggard Baron Stockmer. In another cell, the heroes find a bruised and beaten dragonborn who is revealed to beAgarl’Ukak, Rhan’Ruml’s brother-in-law and husband to Vali’Ruml.
  • Baron Stockmer directs the party to a secret exit and the group escapes from the castle to make their way back to Albridge and Dar Gremath’s resistance. Upon their arrival, the Agents of Ioun are received as heroes. Stockmer and Theodorael are taken to the healers tents to recover from their ordeal.
  • Agarl’Ukak asks Rhan of Vali’s whereabouts and is shocked to find that she is still missing. He hurls insults at Rhan questioning his “manhood” and loyalties before storming off.
  • Despite the celebrations, Vesta remains quiet and sullen despite Sealannan’s effforts to cheer her. He leaves her to her thoughts, eager to start recording the group’s first significant victory.
Harkenwold Epilogue

The next morning after the Agents of Ioun rescued Baron Stockmer from the clutches of the Circle of Iron, Dar Gremath marshalled his resistance forces and marched on the Iron Keep. Sturmick ( the tiefling gatekeeper) opened the gates with little fuss; knowing that the meager garrison that escaped the murderous wrath of Nazin Redthorne’s killers the previous night could not hold the castle. As he and his men were led away into the custody of Baron Stockmer’s newly reformed castle guard, Sturmick could be heard wondering to himself “how could they have possibly gotten inside?”

Baron Stockmer spent the next few days recovering from his month long captivity. Theodorael needed time for a full recovery as well — much of which was spent regaling the Baron with stories of his many epic battles and travels from the Feywild. The remainder of the “Heroes from Fallcrest” spent their time honing their skills (leveling up) and assisting the Harkenwolders in the preparations for the upcoming celebration banquet.

Once Baron Stockmer regained enough of his strength, a banquet was held to celebrate the liberation of Harkenwold and the heroes that made it possible. Lord Warden Marcklehay led a contingent from Fallcrest for the occassion. The banquet was held in the large hall within the newly renamed Harken Castle and the Heroes of Fallcrest were given a place of honor on the dais along with Baron Stockmer, Lord Warden Marcklehay, Dar Gremath and the elders of the various Harkenwold villages. The elders took turns thanking the heroes and renewing vows of loyalty to Baron Stockmer. The Baron gave an uplifting address to those gathered, expressing his appreciation for those who stood up to the oppression of the Circle of Iron and those who lost their lives as a result. He regretted that he could not furnish “proper rewards for the heroes of Fallcrest” because the castle’s treasury had been looted as well as priceless family heirlooms stolen from his own quarters. Instead, the Agents of Ioun were offered honorary titles “Protector of Harkenwold” and would always be welcomed at Harken Castle whenever they returned to Harkenwold in the future.

The banquet was a great success and (almost) all had an excellent time. Sealannan recited his new epic poem about the Battle of Albridge and their daring rescue of Baron Stockmer to much applause. Theodorael offered to show his new scars to anyone willing to look. Vesta seemed unusually sullen and withdrawn. Hegh Dah (as usual) tried not to draw attention to his drow heritage. Rhan’Ruml did his best to engage his brother-in-law, who was actively avoiding him.

Afterwards, Agarl’Ukak was nowhere to be found. A successful Streetwise check reveals that he was last seen leaving the castle grounds along with Gauthus Longshaft travelling towards the
Harken Forest.


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