Hegh Dah

Drow avenger of Ioun


cloth armor
big ol’ cloak
dark grey skin/white hair


Hegh Dah is a Drow avenger of Ioun. His family fled the Drow vault when he was a toddler for political reasons. Hegh was raised in large human cities and became am acolyte of Ioun in his teen years. Hegh believes that the Drow are short sighted and misguided with their spider worship and xenophobia. The Drow worldview makes them evil and enemies to most intelligent beings. Hegh believes that magic and knowledge are a blessing and to use them for evil is a cosmic injustice that somehow fails to self-destruct. Hegh feels that those who use magic for evil need to be punished and he will be happy to assist. An encounter with zombies as a young teen left Hegh with a healthy fear and appreciation for the undead. Undead are another perverted use of magics and deserve destruction on those grounds as well as the fact they threaten the natural world.

Hegh is originally from the clan “Dah-Malag”. The Dah-Malag clan was respected in Drow society, but never reached noble status. They were mainly merchants with some warriors and sorcerers. They were followers of LLoth, but only to maintain themselves in the culture. This was used against them when different clans would declare some families as enemies of the faith in attempts to usurp their properties and businesses. The Dah-Malags disappeared from Drow society during the last of these power-plays and some Drow think they turned traitor and went to the surface. The main rumor is that they were assassinated. After some time in surface society, the clan changed to “Dah” and they moved to Winterhaven. There they act as merchants and have investments in certain inns and smiths. They maintain a decent amount of wealth in these silent partnerships, but they do not flaunt it. The Dah clan tries to keep themsleves in the background of society and try to avoid contact with other Drow as they fear being exposed and have that knowledge get back to the Vault. Early in his surface life, Hegh was fascinated by magic of all kinds and did research as often as he could to learn more without having to attend a school where his race may not be desired. In these studies, he was discovered by Priests of Ioun and he became an acolyte as a teenager. Hegh thought for a while he might become a cleric of Ioun but he was too restless to maintain the study and discipline that priests had to endure. The High Priest of Ioun saw Hegh practicing his sword play and gave Hegh the idea that the temple needed Avengers. Hegh never looked back.

Hegh Dah

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