Frugold Runehouse

Dwarf Sentinel Druid


Frugold Runehouse realized at an early age that he was not like most other dwarves. His interest in nature and ecology led to his spending as much time exploring the mountainous peaks of his homeland as he spent delving down its deepest caverns. Once, he accidentally disturbed a sleeping black bear and discovered his affinity for animals in the process, later naming his new companion “Buttercup”. Inspired by the legends of his childhood hero, Frugold left his home to learn primal magic and train as a druid. He later settled in the southern portion of the Ogrefist Hills, overlooking the Chaos Scar.

Recently, Frugold and Buttercup, noticing the unusual movements of orcish and goblin tribes in the region, followed a goblin scouting party eastward. The two companions harrassed the goblins with guerrilla tactics before the Agents of Ioun defeated the goblins during their search for the Ioun Temple Outpost ruins.

Frugold Runehouse

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