Brother Colrig

Former scholar and priest of Ioun. Now a Lich with ties to Vecna.


As a lich, Colrig has arcane powers and the ability to store his soul in a phylactery (horcrux). He has powers as an undead creature as well.


Colrig began as a scholar and priest of Ioun. He was revered in the church as one who knew much obscure knowledge and would risk everything to find more. Colrig had taken an interest in the details of undead creatures and how to best destroy them. His quest to the Sturmsund Mountains was intended to find an ancient repository of cryptic writings and secrets of the undead.

Instead of using the knowledge to destroy undead, Colrig was corrupted by the magnitude of his experience and went insane. He murdered Dunnax, the creator of the Dome, and turned him into a mummy that served Colrig’s every perverse whim. Colrig himself, corrupted by the power of the necromantic magic he discovered, performed a ritual and transformed himself into a lich.

Having escaped the Agents of Ioun, Colrig now roams the world seeking a new lair and means to destroy anyone he deems a threat. When they met, Colrig did seem to take an interest in Sealannen…

Brother Colrig

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