Agents of Ioun

Vesta Has Daddy Issues

Session 16

  • The Harkenwold resistance makes plans to infiltrate the Iron Keep, led by the Agents of Ioun. Using the available resources, the heroes hide Hegh Dah in a cart filled with the bodies of falled Circle of Iron raiders, along with some kegs of ale. Rhan’Ruml and Ted dress in the Circle of Iron tunics that had been recovered and repaired after the earlier bar brawl. Finally, Vesta and Sealannan are disguised as prostitutes.
  • The Agents of Ioun approach the castle gates and are confronted by the gatemaster, a tiefling named Sturmik. To explain their presence, Rhan weaves a tale that would make Sealannan proud. Despite its convoluted nature, Sturmik is entranced by the idea or whores and booze (especially after the recent Circle or Iron defeat) and opens the gate!
  • The heroes deliver the barrels of ale to the castle’s kitchens, and proceed to the chapel to dispose of the bodies. The chapel has been repurposed by a cleric of Asmodeus and his infernal servants, who quickly see through the ruse. A fight breaks out, but pauses after the cleric realizes who he is fighting. Proclaiming himself to be Dorian Kahlir, the tiefling cleric is revealed to Vesta’s long-lost father and a vampire!
  • The family reunion raises more questions than it answers, and the two tieflings arrive at an impasse – Dorian cannot let the heroes disrupt the Circle of Iron’s (and House Kahlir’s) plans for Harkenwold. Despite being offered her freedom to walk away, Vesta refuses. The melee continues and Dorian barely escapes, turning into a mist to do so.
  • Their cover blown, the heroes take the fight to the main tower and defeat the dragonborn soldiers guarding the drawbridge. Now the heroes must free Baron Stockmer and defeat Nazin Redthorn before more guards arrive.


Lol-“daddy issues”.

Vesta Has Daddy Issues

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