Agents of Ioun

My Dinner With Colrig

Session 21

Business dinners can be murder…

  • The party joined Colrig and his companions for dinner. Vesta, evermore paranoid with her festering neck wound, refused to eat. Sealannan tried to persuade Colrig to allow the party to take various tomes with them when they left and were promptly denied. Colrig told Sealannan how he had left the Church or Ioun and had little need for anything they could offer. When the discussion became boring to Ted, he proceeded to attack Aku, Colrig’s lieutenant.
  • As the battle progressed, the illusions covering the hosts slowly disapated revealing Colrig to be a lich, Aku and _____ to be Mind Flayers and Dunnax a mummy. The bloody fight ended with Colrig escaping into the caves of the Underdark, making a clean getaway.
  • The party packed as much as they could carry, but most of what they removed from the Dome disintegrated when they left the premises. Sealannan was lucky to find that a few texts he carried escaped destruction, but is unsure why.
  • A quick examination of his journals shows that Colrig had gone mad upon visiting the dome and had fallen to the ranks of the undead. Colrig then murdered Dunnax, the creator of the Dome, but preserved him as a mummified servant. Colrig also enlisted the aid of a group of Illithids but the party was unable to find their motives before dispatching them.
  • The Agents of Ioun escaped the dangers of the Underdark to emerge on the surface in the marshy lands of the Witchlight Fens. They limp back to Fallcrest to nurse their wounds at their quarters at the Nentir Inn.
  • Hegh and Rhan suffered nasty attacks from the mummy Dunnax and they contracted some sort of foul rotting condition. At this time Hegh and Rhan both feel a general malaise, their wounds are not healing properly and their systems seem to be functioning at half capacity. Rhan has noticed minor changes to his appearance…



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