Agents of Ioun

Harkenwold is liberated!

Session 17

  • The heroes continue upstairs and encounter Redthorne’s guards outside the master chambers. The double doors fly open, revealing Nazin Redthorne himself, and the heroes find themselves fighting for their lives. The ensuing battle is harried and the heroes narrowly defeat Redthorne and his men.
  • Afterwards, the Agents of Ioun thoroughly examine the master chambers, including the small armory/treasury. They discover a jeweled scabbard, a large magical glaive and a magnificently crafted set of full plate armor emblazoned with the holy symbols of Bahamut the Platinum Dragon.
  • The heroes take too long loooting the treasury and reinforcements arrive. Although they are quickly dispatched, Theodorael is gravely injured, everyone realizes that they must escape the Iron Keep soon before they are killed.
  • The Agents of Ioun descend the stairs to the first level of the castle and encounter the keep’s servants in the kitchens. They are directed to the dungeons where the discover a gaunt and haggard Baron Stockmer. In another cell, the heroes find a bruised and beaten dragonborn who is revealed to beAgarl’Ukak, Rhan’Ruml’s brother-in-law and husband to Vali’Ruml.
  • Baron Stockmer directs the party to a secret exit and the group escapes from the castle to make their way back to Albridge and Dar Gremath’s resistance. Upon their arrival, the Agents of Ioun are received as heroes. Stockmer and Theodorael are taken to the healers tents to recover from their ordeal.
  • Agarl’Ukak asks Rhan of Vali’s whereabouts and is shocked to find that she is still missing. He hurls insults at Rhan questioning his “manhood” and loyalties before storming off.
  • Despite the celebrations, Vesta remains quiet and sullen despite Sealannan’s effforts to cheer her. He leaves her to her thoughts, eager to start recording the group’s first significant victory.


Hegh would do his best to avoid any fanfare or recognition. He would leave as soon as he could.

Harkenwold is liberated!

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