Agents of Ioun

Harkenwold Epilogue

The next morning after the Agents of Ioun rescued Baron Stockmer from the clutches of the Circle of Iron, Dar Gremath marshalled his resistance forces and marched on the Iron Keep. Sturmick ( the tiefling gatekeeper) opened the gates with little fuss; knowing that the meager garrison that escaped the murderous wrath of Nazin Redthorne’s killers the previous night could not hold the castle. As he and his men were led away into the custody of Baron Stockmer’s newly reformed castle guard, Sturmick could be heard wondering to himself “how could they have possibly gotten inside?”

Baron Stockmer spent the next few days recovering from his month long captivity. Theodorael needed time for a full recovery as well — much of which was spent regaling the Baron with stories of his many epic battles and travels from the Feywild. The remainder of the “Heroes from Fallcrest” spent their time honing their skills (leveling up) and assisting the Harkenwolders in the preparations for the upcoming celebration banquet.

Once Baron Stockmer regained enough of his strength, a banquet was held to celebrate the liberation of Harkenwold and the heroes that made it possible. Lord Warden Marcklehay led a contingent from Fallcrest for the occassion. The banquet was held in the large hall within the newly renamed Harken Castle and the Heroes of Fallcrest were given a place of honor on the dais along with Baron Stockmer, Lord Warden Marcklehay, Dar Gremath and the elders of the various Harkenwold villages. The elders took turns thanking the heroes and renewing vows of loyalty to Baron Stockmer. The Baron gave an uplifting address to those gathered, expressing his appreciation for those who stood up to the oppression of the Circle of Iron and those who lost their lives as a result. He regretted that he could not furnish “proper rewards for the heroes of Fallcrest” because the castle’s treasury had been looted as well as priceless family heirlooms stolen from his own quarters. Instead, the Agents of Ioun were offered honorary titles “Protector of Harkenwold” and would always be welcomed at Harken Castle whenever they returned to Harkenwold in the future.

The banquet was a great success and (almost) all had an excellent time. Sealannan recited his new epic poem about the Battle of Albridge and their daring rescue of Baron Stockmer to much applause. Theodorael offered to show his new scars to anyone willing to look. Vesta seemed unusually sullen and withdrawn. Hegh Dah (as usual) tried not to draw attention to his drow heritage. Rhan’Ruml did his best to engage his brother-in-law, who was actively avoiding him.

Afterwards, Agarl’Ukak was nowhere to be found. A successful Streetwise check reveals that he was last seen leaving the castle grounds along with Gauthus Longshaft travelling towards the
Harken Forest.



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