Agents of Ioun

Battle is Joined!

Session 15 (new player joints the group)

  • After the initial assault, the heroes are alerted to an enemy advance against Dar Gremath’s banner and are called upon to assist. The ensuing skirmish is harrowing, with many of Ioun’s followers bloodied as a result, but the party triumphs in the end.
  • The Agents of Ioun take a quick breather, but are unable to fully recover from their wounds before being challenged directly by Nazin Redthorne himself. The party quickly overpowers the Circle of Iron leader, who barely gets away on horseback. Seeing their leader flee from battle, the Circle of Iron raiders fall into chaos and retreat. The Battle of Albridge is a stunning victory for the Harkenwold rebellion.
  • The heroes return to the Dar Gremath’s command tent to meet with the rebel leadership to plan their next move. Although Nazin Redthorne’s forces were defeated, Harken Keep still remains in the possession of the Circle of Iron, and Baron Stockmer remains in its dungeon… if he’s even still alive at all.



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