Agents of Ioun

A Giant Dilemma: Sessions 18 and 19

Stay Frosty...

  • The party recovered from their adventures in Harkenwold and was instructed to finish cleaning up the Ioun Temple Outpost in the woods they had defended from zombies only recently. They discovered upon arrival that the thousands of bodies they expected to find were missing – either disposed of by kindly strangers or reanimated once again. While there, a messenger arrived summoning the party immediately to the large temple in Hammerfast.
  • In Hammerfast, they met with High Priest Ellard who tasked them with tracking down missing Ioun cleric Brother Colrig. Colrig went missing on a quest to a hidden wizard’s lair in the Sturmsund Mountains while carrying an important magical tome. The tome had rare information regarding undead. Their instructions were to find Brother Colrig, discover the lost wizard’s lair and reccover the tome.
  • The party then journeyed far off the beaten path to the village of Soderhamm, north of Hammerfast. In this arctic village they met Dwarven ranger Idre who instructed them in the arts of mountain navigation and cold-survival skills which would be crucial for their journey.
  • During the night, Vesta was attacked by an assassin bearing the markings of the Zehir, god of poison. Although saved from the clutches of death, Vesta bears the mark of the assassin’s dart in her neck where the poison blackened her skin.
  • The party ascended the mountain and defeated the frost giant scout’s ambush. Vesta seemed to suffer the most with the weather conditions and suffered minor frostbite. The wound in her neck looked worse but she did not feel any appreciable effects.
  • The party encountered frost giant scouts and survived a cave full of yeti before finally madeing quick work of the frost giants near the top of the mountain. They defeated a white pudding outside an apparently magical portal. Upon close examination the portal seems to have swirling snow and wind filling it, however, no one in the party believes it leads back outside. There is an immense magical presence surrounding the area. Hegh Dah is clearly out of his element, but does not complain about the cold. He seems frustrated when Sealannan constantly regales the party about how winter in the Feywild makes this weather seems like a cool autumn evening. Rhan makes good use of his fire breath to warm himself from time to time. He has to be careful not to create a steam cloud. Even the party’s combined knowledge of the arcane arts can not reveal the nature of the portal.



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